How Much Do Electric Guitars Weigh?

Electric guitars in general consist of two things, wood, and hardware, but they can weigh a ton if you used to hold the acoustic kind.

Sometimes, you might be asking yourself How Much Do Electric Guitars weigh? And what makes up the difference in weight of an electric guitar?

Guitar Weigh
Guitar Weigh

A normal electric guitar will weigh about 8 pounds, but a slide change in the type of wood will drastically change the weight of the guitar.

A guitar body made from mahogany wood can easily weigh more than 10 pounds.

For you to know more about how much an electric guitar weighs, we’ll look at some criteria and other electric guitars in this article.

1. What Impacts a Guitar’s Weight

The overall weight of a guitar can change depending on multiple factors, like the body, hardware, and accessories,…

But most of the weight is on the body of the guitar itself.

So to know what makes a guitar’s weight change, you will need to understand some of the important factors below to know what affects the weight of an electric guitar.

1.1 Type of Wood

Most of the significant change in guitar weight is in its type of wood. By changing the wood type that makes up the guitar body, the guitar’s overall weight can be a bit lighter or heavy like a ton.
So why does that happen? Well, as you know different types of wood will have different densities.

A guitar body made from alder wood is surprisingly light when compared to a mahogany or walnut guitar body.

Squier Stratocaster7

Guitar Weight (Lbs)
Squier Telecaster 6.5
PRS Custom 24-08 9
Gibson Les Paul 9-12
Gibson SG 6
Fender Stratocaster 8
Fender Telecaster 8
Gretsch Duo Jet 7.5
Epiphone Dot 8
Standberg Boden 5
Rubato Lassie 5.5
Gretsch G5420T 8
Gibson Flying V 7
Ibanez RG 7

For better comparison, here are some of the densities of wood that have been used to make guitar bodies:

  • Walnut: 650 – 700 kg/m3
  • Mahogany: 450-640 kg/m3
  • Swamp Ash: 450 – 550 kg/m3
  • Maple: 550-700 kg/m3
  • Alder: 400 – 700 kg/m3
  • Basswood: 300 – 600 kg/m3

Just note that the density of wood will change based on the growth condition of the tree itself, so the numbers shown above might be wrong in some situations.

1.2 Body Shape and Size

Body Shape and Size
Body Shape and Size

Another factor that does make some changes in the weight of a guitar is its shape. You played a lot of guitars and you’ll realize that there are infinite ways to shape a guitar.

Some of the desire to have the guitar’s body trimmed down to be a bit smaller than the general size that electric guitar does, and some have a special double neck and double the fret look to play a weird song or to be a bit unique, some don’t have a full body and just have the body large enough to fit the 6 string and the pickups.

Changing the size of a guitar also will change the overall weight of the guitar.

So much so that a big guitar body that is made from swamp ash wood could easily outweigh a small-sized alder wood one.

So, if you have a chance to buy an electric guitar for yourself, just pay close attention to the size and the shape of the guitar and choose a guitar that fits your style and you can get comfortable with it fast.

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1.3 Body Type (Solid, Semi-Hollow, Chambering)

Different from the two factors above, guitars that have different body types will surely have different body weights, if there is little to no difference, then you should look at the two factors above to see why that happens.

So, there are three main types of guitar bodies: solid, semi-hollow, and chambering. And each of them has their way of changing the guitar overweight.

Solid-body type means the guitar body is solid from the body to the fret, it’s just wood that has been glued to each other and shaped into a guitar.

On the other hand, semi-hollow and chambering body types might easily be mistaken for others.

While semi-hollow body types tend to have a hollow look on the inside of the guitar, to lessen the weight and reduce material usage

For the chambering body type, it can be understood as a cut-out in the guitar body, to make up a small pocket of air that is hidden inside the guitar.

It might be a bit hard to identify which is which, but just remember to yourself that both of those body types will significantly lessen the overall weight of your guitar.

2. Examples of Electric Guitar Weight and Dimensions

For a better understanding of how much an electric guitar weighs, here are some examples of electric guitar weight and dimensions.

These guitars are being sold and on the market right now, and all the information about these guitars can be found quite easily on the internet.

We just group them up for better comparison, so that you can know what electric guitar fits you the best.

2.1 Les Paul Weight

The Gibson Les Paul guitar weighs between 9 to 12 pounds based on its dimension, making it one of the heaviest guitars available out there.

The painful shoulder that many guitar players experience after an hour or more of practice is all because of this.

This is due to the Gibson Les Paul’s overall guitar dimension and the guitar material that uses heavy timbers like mahogany.

For weight alleviation, some of the Les Pauls electric guitars have holes and space carved out and hidden in the guitar body.

They will get substantially lighter and yet have virtually the same appearance as a normal Les Paul electric guitar.

2.2 Stratocaster Weight

When you pick up a Stratocaster before playing a Les Paul, it will be immediately noticeable how much lighter and more comfortable it is.

It feels quite like picking up a feather, there will be no painful shoulder whatsoever, and say no more to struggle holding the guitar while playing.

Moreover, you should note that maple wood is used for the neck, which is a little heavier wood type when compared to the body wood type, but it doesn’t contribute much to cause a problem.

2.3 Telecaster Weight

Over the years, several types of wood have been used to construct telecaster guitars.

One is typically built of swamp ash or alder, which makes it rather lightweight at just about 8 pounds in weight. In all, this allows for more easy balance and comfortable play.

2.4 Gibson SG Weight

Made with the same kind of wood as a Les Paul guitar, but with a slim dimension, which makes it much lighter in weight.

They are popular and generally weigh about 6 pounds.

2.5 PRS Custom 24 Weight

Sometimes can be as heavy as a Les Paul, or more than a Les Paul, and can weigh around 8 to 9 pounds.

But it has a carved marble top and a body style that allow for more control over the guitar, which makes it way easier to play and handle.

2.6 Ibanez JEM / RG

Made of basswood or sometimes alder wood, quite light when compared to others, and it can get a bit heavy with a maple neck but that is not gonna make any significant difference in the guitar’s overall weight.

A typical Ibanez JEM / RG can weigh around 7.5 to 8.5 pounds, which is good enough.

2.7 Epiphone Dot

Belonging to the heavy guitar side, an Epiphone Dot electric guitar can weigh about 8 pounds.

As though it’s a semi-hollow body design, most of the wood used to make the guitar body weighs down the guitar by a lot.

2.8 Double-neck Gibson EDS-1275

Just by reading the name of the guitar, you know it will be heavy, with a normal double-neck Gibson it will weigh about 13 pounds.

This makes it the heaviest guitar out there, which makes it a bit hard for new players to get used to, and it is quite a struggle to play it while standing up.

2.9 Strandberg Boden

It clean and small design, with cut out and some parts that have been removed. A Strandberg Boden electric guitar can weigh extremely light, just around 5 pounds in total.

The clean and compact design of the guitar will make it feel like heaven while playing the guitar.

2.10 Traveler Guitar

The Strandberg Boden might be light, but it’s not the lightest. To know the lightest guitar out there, you will need to look at some Traveler Guitar.

Because they need to be mobile, their design is slick and small. All of that makes their overall weight just about 4 pounds or less.

3. Guitar Weight Chart

For an even easier comparison, you can look at the chart below and do it for yourself. With the chart, you will see the difference in weight of some of the guitars out there.

As you can see on the chart, the weight of an electric guitar is varied and mostly in the range of 6 to 12 pounds.

Moreover, there is some overlap in the chart, which shows that even guitars that come from the same type can be different in weight.

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4. Electric Guitar Case Weight

If you are a traveler and tend to bring with you your guitar everywhere you go, you might need to consider the weight of your guitar, because it may cost you a lot more in the shipping fee.

To ensure your guitar’s safety while being shipped, you’ll need to use a hardshell guitar case for that.

A normal hardshell guitar case weighs around 8 to 10 pounds in total, when added up with the guitar’s weight, the total will be around 16 to 18 pounds, which will surely cost you a big budget just to send it.

To cut down on the budget, you can use a soft bag in replacement, or you can even use bubble wrap or shipping wrap to wrap up your guitar.

5. Does a Guitar’s Weight Matter

We talk a lot about how much an electric guitar weighs, but will it make any difference when you use the guitar? And will it make you feel uncomfortable at all?

5.1 Guitar weight and comfort

Carrying a heavy guitar around and playing it will surely drain your stamina by a lot. Painful shoulder, hand fatigue, and hard-to-control are what you’re gonna get when using a heavy guitar.

But if you play it and use it long enough, you will get used to it and the weight of the guitar might even help you to control the guitar better.

The weight of the guitar will make it much more stable, that’ll allow you to play much more comfortably.

One thing to know, if you can’t get used to a heavy guitar, you should just stick with the lightweight one, and it still gonna give you what you want, but with more comfort in feel.

5.2 Guitar weight and tone

You might sometimes ask yourself, will the weight of the guitar affect its tone in any way, but the real question you should ask here is will the wood of the guitar affect the guitar tone anyway.

The guitar’s wood material is the main thing that makes up the guitar, and people think that this will make a bit of a difference in the overall sound of the guitar.

But there is no proof to it, and yet people are still trying to prove it true. So it’s better for you to just ignore this completely and go on playing your guitar like normal.

We can’t ensure that there is no difference between them, but if there is, it wouldn’t be that dramatic. So don’t worry about this too much.

5.3 Guitar weight and sustain

The sustainment of a guitar can be achieved and impacted by a lot of things. You can make it louder or last longer by adding a pedal.

But the natural sustain of the guitar itself is still something that guitar players want to have.

The sound of the guitar travels into the guitar body and based on the body structure and material, the sustain sound will be a bit different, or the guitar weight does impact the sustain sound of that guitar.

With guitars that have been made with denser wood, their sustain sound will be a bit louder and much warmer to hear, this is why a guitar that is made from mahogany wood will have a better sustain than one that is made up of swamp ash wood.

6. Heavy vs Light Guitars

When it comes to choosing between heavy guitars and light guitars, we shouldn’t think too much.

There will not be too much difference between them, other than their compactness and ease of use.

If you are looking for a guitar that you can bring everywhere, choosing a lightweight guitar is essential.

But if you just want to find yourself a suitable guitar then you should focus more on the sound of the guitar.

Try many of them and find for yourself a guitar that has the sound outcome that you like. After all, the sound is still the main thing that we need in a guitar.

As for whether their weight affects our usage experience, let’s consider it later. You can buy different accessories to support you when playing, so you don’t have to worry about it.

7. How to Weigh a Guitar

How to we
Weigh Guitar

You have an electric guitar on hand but you don’t know how much it weighs, well let’s show you how to weigh it the quick and easiest way.

But before you weigh it, remove any kinds of accessories you have on it, to make the weighting more accurate.

First, you need to weigh yourself and note that number down on something for easy memory. then you can either hold the guitar in your hand or simply strap it onto your shoulder, look at the scale and read the number.

Subtract the two numbers and you get the actual weight of your guitar.

This method is easy and super accurate. It allows you to weigh all types of guitars, and know exactly the weight of the guitar quicker.

And if you need to weigh multiple guitars as one, you can just stand on the scale and change the guitar out, and subtract your weight out to get the guitar’s weight.

8. Making a Heavy Guitar Feel Comfortable

Let’s just say you try on a lot of types of guitar and finally find one with the sound that you like, but it is a bit heavy to hold and you are scared that you can’t control it well.

If that is so, let’s show you how to make your heavy guitar feel more comfortable.

You can try to put it on your leg if you sit down, all the weight of the guitar will rest on your leg and that will allow for more control over the guitar.

If you tend to stand up while playing, then you should buy a big strap, the strap needs to be wide and thick, it will allow more contact on your shoulder, lessen the weight, and lessen the pain.

9. Conclusion

Guitar weight does matter a lot when it comes to playing and comfort feeling. But in all, you should just choose the kind of guitar that fits you and your playing style best.

You can get used to the weight of the guitar but not how it sounds, so what you need to focus on the most is how the guitar plays in general, and then you can try to get comfortable with its weight after.

The above article has already been read by you. We hope the information provided can give you an answer to the question.

Keep checking our website for updates on exciting details regarding related topics! I hope you have a good day.

How Much Do Electric Guitars Weigh?

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