Are Wood, Metal Guitar Picks Good? Thing You Should Know

Many guitar players use a pick as a way to replace hand strumming and plucking, which make the guitar sound much better and cleaner.

A pick can be made with many different materials such as wood, metal, plastic, rubber,…etc.

Are Wood, Metal Guitar Picks Good?
Are Wood, Metal Guitar Picks Good?

Most guitarists out there use plastic picks as a general way to play guitar pick and rarely use the wood and metal type.

So is there any difference when you using wood and metal pick? And Are Wood, Metal Picks Good at all?

Let’s find out together through this post so that you can know more things about these kinds of picks. Like what are the benefits of them, and how they would affect your guitar-playing journey?

Wooden Guitar Picks

At first, you might think that a pick made from wood will not be so flexible and not fit for playing guitar. But you might be surprised by its lightweight and the bright sound it makes when you strum it on the guitar.

The wooden pick will make your guitar sound much much louder and brighter, also the pick allows you to strum fast and accurately.

Wooden Guitar Picks
Wooden Guitar Picks

Wooden picks on the market are a bit more expensive than the other picks. But their look and aesthetic are worth the price.

Also, guitar players tend to use wooden picks to obtain a level up in the sound of the guitar, because these picks can make a lot of difference in sound while being used.

The distinctive characteristic of wooden guitar picks made up a group of customers who like the unique sound that they make and enjoy fiddling with them to find out new ways to play guitars.

When to Use a Wooden Guitar Pick

It is less flexible and it is much thicker than the normal plastic pick that you use and sees in general, so you might need a bit more skill to use it well when playing.

When using this type of pick to play you will notice that they are rigid, so they will affect the way you hold it, and the force to keep it in your hand is much larger than the normal flexible plastic pick.

This makes the wooden pick not so fit for beginners or newbies to use, but rather for the immediate and experienced players.

This pick is capable of plucking and strumming, but as you play you will feel a bit resistant and the pick just wanna jump out of your hand at any time.

This rigid feel of the pick is sometimes inconvenient but when it comes to accuracy plucking, wooden picks are far more precise and better than the general plastic picks.

Wooden Picks: What Do They Sound Like?

Though plastic picks are far more popular and easier to use in general, the sound they make is a bit boring to some guitar players. So as alternative guitar players use wooden picks to obtain a much fuller and richer sound.

But this kind of pick does come with some cons that you might need to note to use it better.

Although it is good for you to use this pick to pluck, because the rigid structure of the pick provides far more accuracy when plucking, but when it comes to strumming you might need to rethink before using this pick to do so.

The clicking sound is a general property of picks, but with wooden picks, it is a bit loud and more noticeable than others. This clicking sound especially loud when you are strumming with this pick.

A wooden pick does provide you with a brighter and fuller sound, and in case you wanna find a distinctive sound for your guitar pick, you might use a wooden pick to do it.

But if you don’t like it you should give it a pass and change to some other kind of picks like metal or plastic for a further and new experience.

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Wooden Guitar Picks: How Long do They Last?

Wooden picks are usually specially made so that it can withstand prolonged use and constant friction from plucking and strumming with the strings.

So their life span will be as long as a normal plastic pick, and this was further confirmed by experienced guitar players.

But no matter how well they were made, wooden pick is still gonna wear down a bit faster than plastic pick, because it is in constant contact with the guitar string, they will tear down bit by bit, and leave a scabrous surface, which is gonna make the pick stick to the strings more than a new pick

with a smooth finish. But if you are a bit careful, a wooden pick will last about a month in frequent use.

Because a wooden pick is rigid and harder than a normal plastic pick, you wouldn’t need too much force when plucking and strumming it, this will lessen the wear-down process and increase the lifespan of the pick furthermore.

Metal Guitar Picks

Mrtal Guitar Picks
Mrtal Guitar Picks

Hard, smooth surface and expensive, that is what most people think about the metal pick. They are special in some way, but most people don’t see them like that, so they just assume that metal picks are a waste of money.

Made from metal that we all are familiar with like stainless steel, nickel or silver, aluminum, and others. Metal pick will surely give you the power you need when playing guitar.

So strong and powerful that it might destroy or break your guitar string if you play it a bit too hard.

It’s true when they said metal picks are expensive, but to some, the unique sound that the picks produced is what they are excited for.

Moreover, the high price of the pick is just the tip of the iceberg, and the price speaks for the quality.

In fact, all the interesting things that this “cool” pick has have been hidden away and sitting there waiting to be explored by guitar players who like to try out new things.

When to Use a Metal Guitar Pick

It’s strong and stubborn, so you need to use it wisely. This kind of pick is like a beast that you’ll need to tame, in order to use its power.

It has a clean and loud sound, super accurate when used to pluck and it is great for strumming because there is no to very little click sound when you use it.

If you are the type of guy who doesn’t like changing pick and tend to stick with one pick for a long time, then a metal pick is the way to go.

They are hard and can last a long time in frequent use. Or let’s say you or a tough guy, and you want your guitar sound a bit more aggressive, well just try metal pick for one and you might love it.

And for guitar players who like new things and unique sounds, metal pick is a must-try thing. It has been trusted and used by tons of famous and experienced guitar players out there, so you don’t need to worry about being alone with the metal guitar pick.

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Metal Picks: What Do They Sound Like?

Guitar Sound
Guitar Sound

The metal guitar pick is hard and smoothly made in order to be played easier. It produces a clean and very loud sound.

Because it is made from metal, there is no flex whatsoever, so the plucking or strumming sound is gonna be super loud and you don’t need to put in much effort in order for that to happen.

As we have said above, there will be very little click sound, the metal and the smooth surface of the pick help it slide quietly past the strings and let out no click sound in the process.

Also, like the wooden pick, the metal one does have some specialty in the sound that it produces. It’s gonna be a clean, and sharp sound.

You would feel like the guitar is played by the air, it is just a much brighter and stronger sound, different from all the other sounds that other picks produce.

The unique sound and feel make the metal picks popular as a recommendation for rock stars and heavy metal music fans.

Like Brian May who use a sixpence coin as a pick, or Billy F. Gibbons from ZZ Top who plays the guitar with a silver peso.

It might be weird to use this pick in general, but the aesthetic they give you is nowhere to be found.

Metal Guitar Picks: How Long Do They Last?

Unlike wood or plastic, metal is a tough material, everyone knows that, so the lifespan of a metal pick is surely gonna last longer than a wood or plastic one.

Moreover, they are slim and quite light, so it won’t be a hassle to carry them around. With the same thickness as a plastic pick but lasting much longer, no wonder people chose to use metal pick more and more nowadays.

But there is still a downside to this beautiful thing, it can wear out your string and you might need to update your string-changing schedule if you really want to use a metal pick to play for a while.

But don’t worry, it still depends on how you play your guitar and how you use your pick. Just remember not to be so aggressive for the safety of your string.

Also, using a metal guitar pick will leave some metal dust on the pickup as you play. So just remember to clean it daily.


Guitar picks, whether made from wood or metal, still serve only one purpose and one only, which is to make the process of playing guitar simpler and more enjoyable.

You can experiment with these two types of picks and slowly find for yourself a pick that suits your playing style. Just listen to yourself and follow your heart.

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Are Wood, Metal Guitar Picks Good?

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