About Jim Byrnes


Jim Byrnes was born in St. Louis, Missouri – that’s blues country. He grew up on the city’s north side. One of the neighbourhood bars had Ike and Tina Turner as the house band. As a teenager going to music clubs, he and his buddy were often the only white people in the place. “We never had any problems. We were too naïve, and had too much respect for the music and culture – they knew it, they could tell.”

By age thirteen, Jim was singing and playing blues guitar. His first professional gig was in 1964. Over the years, he has had the great good fortune to appear with a virtual who’s who of the blues. From Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker to Taj Mahal and Robert Cray, Jim has been on the blues highway for 45 years.

Byrnes moved to Vancouver, BC in the mid-70s after years of drifting, working odd jobs and playing music. In 1981 he put together a band that became a staple of the local music scene. In 1986 the Jim Byrnes Band played 300 nights.

Jim Byrnes’ fame as an actor has grown immeasurably from his too-numerous-to-mention TV and movie roles, highlights including television’s Wiseguy and Highlander series, and his national variety show The Jim Byrnes Show.

Jim has proven that a serious car accident in 1972 has done anything but hinder him. Despite two swipes with death and some pretty hard knocks, Byrnes has still managed to rack up an enviable string of credits, both on and off-screen.

Jim’s first love, however, is the blues. His evocative, smoky vocals are found in a truth that doesn’t come overnight. In 1981 he released Burnin’, followed in 1987 with I’ve Turned My Nights into Days and 1995’s Juno-Award winning That River.

Jim’s has produced five outstanding albums in six years since he hooked up with Steve Dawson, one of North America’s most critically acclaimed roots music producers. 2004’s Fresh Horses and 2006’s gospel tinged Juno Award winning House Of Refuge set standards that aren’t often equalled.

My Walking Stick was the 2009 release … a blood and guts, behind your knees, love, life, death, and after life release from the multi award winning Mr. Byrnes. Jim and Steve continued to explore the gospel, blues, rockabilly, and country genres, and once again pull it all together in an original and unique bluesy way.

A little more than a year later, the same team got together and produced Everywhere West. A salute to Jim’s origins and influences, the CD sprinkled three exciting new originals in amongst tracks by seminal blues artists.

In 2012, Jim decided to record I Hear The Wind in the Wires, an album of songs from the golden age of country music – many of which he’s been listening to for all his life. This time around, he turns back the hands of time to take his listeners into the world of country music, but it’s not the kind of country we’ve heard on the radio any time this century. This is surely the most natural, satisfying and downright joyous album of Byrnes’ lengthy career. Steve Dawson is back in the saddle again as producer and multi-instrumentalist (electric, acoustic, slide, pedal steel and baritone guitar, banjo, ukelele). To hear these two men celebrate the music of Buck Owens, Ray Price, Hank Williams, Marty Robbins and other country music legends is a rare and exhilarating experience.

Jim and Steve were back again in 2014 to celebrate a decade of great musical collaborations and the 250th anniversary of St. Louis Missouri. St. Louis Times is Byrnes’ most personal record to date. Reminiscences of his childhood home of St. Louis are expressed through his original compositions as well as versions of songs he grew up with that were recorded by St. Louis musicians. The sheer joy you can hear in the music Jim Byrnes and company create is the real reason to celebrate. Jim Byrnes is a living musical treasure and this is his best record yet. And, that’s saying something!

Jim Byrnes plays 150 dates a year in North America and Europe. He will continue to bring his music to stages all over the world. Who could ask for more than that?


2014 Maple Blues Awards (Best Male Vocalist — I Hear The Wind in the Wires)
2011 Juno winner (Blues Album of the Year — Everywhere West)
2011 Western Canadian Music Awards nominee (Blues Album of the Year – Everywhere West)
2010 Western Canadian Music Awards Winner (Blues Album of the Year — My Walking Stick)
2006 Juno Award winner (Blues Album of the Year — House of Refuge)
2006 Canadian Folk Music Award winner (Best Contemporary Singer — House of Refuge)
2006 Canadian Folk Music Award winner (Producer / Steve Dawson — House of Refuge)
2006 Maple Blues Awards 2-time winner (Recording of the Year — House of Refuge)
2006 Maple Blues Awards 2-time winner (Best Male Vocalist — House of Refuge)
2006 Leo Award nominee for music video (Just a Pilgrim)
2006 Champion for Kids Award — St. Louis Variety Club
2005 Maple Blues Awards 3-time nominee for Fresh Horses
2004 Juno Award nominee (for Fresh Horses)
2004 Western Canadian Music Awards 2-time nominee for Fresh Horses
2003 Heart Award — Variety Club of BC
1995 Inducted BC Entertainment Hall of Fame
1995 Juno Award winner (Blues/Gospel Album of the Year — That River)
1982 Juno Award nominee (Best New Artist)


Acting always seemed to strike a chord with Jim, ever since he did Shakespeare in the Park in St. Louis when he was 15. He studied acting at Boston University and St. Louis University.

Jim broke into the TV market in 1987 acting in and singing a song he had written for the NBC miniseries “Hands of a Stranger”. “Wiseguy”, filmed in Vancouver, Canada, premiered later that year. He was featured in Highlander: The Series, (syndicated, 1992-98) and Highlander: The Raven (1998). He hosted 26 installments of “The Jim Byrnes Show”, a syndicated variety series that ran across Canada in 1998-99.

In addition to acting, Jim has also done voices for the animated series “Dragon Warrior” (syndicated, 1990) and “Megaman” (syndicated, 1996), appeared in the short-lived syndicated series “Neon Rider” (1990) and performed blues songs on an episode of the HBO series “The Hitchhiker”.

Jim has co-starred in numerous TV movies, beginning with “The Red Spider” (CBS, 1988). He had strong moments playing a war veteran in the award-winning “Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story” (NBC, 1995) and reprised the role of Lifeguard for a “Wiseguy” reunion movie (ABC, 1996).

Jim’s feature film work has been more limited, although he earned good notices as a musician in “Harmony Cats” (1993) and is a police lieutenant in “Under the Gun” (1995). There were two Highlander movies produced: Endgame (2000) and Highlander: The Source (2007). The films feature Jim as blues bar owner Joe Dawson.

In 1993, he was nominated for a Genie for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his work in “Harmony Cats”, and in 1996 won the Leo for Best Actor in a TV Drama for his work in Highlander.

Currently, he keeps busy with TV movies and series as well as doing voice work for both commercials and cartoons.


2013 Copper (TV series)
Sgt. Major Atticus Reid

2013 Hastings Street (video)

2013 King & Maxwell (TV series)
Roy Smalls

2012 War of the Worlds: Goliath (voice)

2012 Notes from the Heart Healer (TV movie)

2011 Deck the Halls (TV movie)
Morgan the radio DJ

2008-2011 Sanctuary (TV series)
– Fugue (2011) … Gregory Magnus
– Pax Romana (2011) … Gregory Magnus
– Firewall (2010) … Gregory Magnus
– Revelations, Part 1 (2008) … Gregory Magnus (uncredited)
– Warriors (2008) … Gregory Magnus

2011 She’s a Soul Man (short)
Joe Cameron

2011 Hellcats (TV series)
– Warped Sister (2011)
– Woke Up Dead (2011)

2011 Goodnight for Justice (TV movie)

2010 V (TV series)
– John May (2010) … Matthew

2008 Heart of a Dragon

2007 Sanctuary (TV series)
– Episode #1.6 (2007) … Gregory Magnus
– Episode #1.5 (2007) … Gregory Magnus

2007 Don’t Cry Now (TV movie)

2007 Highlander: The Search for Vengeance (video)
Doc/Rudy (voice)

2007 Highlander: The Source
Joe Dawson

2005-2006 Da Vinci’s City Hall (TV series)
– The Dogs in Sympathy with the Cats (2006) … Councillor Eddie Banks
– Ready to Call in the Horses (2005) … Councillor Eddie Banks

2005 Supernatural (TV series)
– Bugs (2005) … Professor

2005 Edison
Local Merchant

2005 Fetching Cody

2005 Inspector Gadget’s Biggest Caper Ever (video)
Chief Quimby (voice)

2004-2005 Andromeda (TV series)
– The Heart of the Journey: Part 2 (2005) … Virgil Vox
– Chaos and the Stillness of It (2005) … Virgil Vox
– Attempting Screed (2004) … Virgil Vox
– The Eschatology of Our Present (2004) … Virgil Vox (voice)
– Phear Phactor Phenom (2004) … Virgil Vox
(8 episodes total)

2004 Stargate SG-1 (TV series)
– Heroes: Part 2 (2004) … Documentary Narrator

2003 Jake 2.0 (TV series)
– The Prince and the Revolution (2003) … James Skerritt
– The Spy Who Really Liked Me (2003) … James Skerritt
– Jerry 2.0 (2003) … James Skerritt

2002-2003 X-Men: Evolution (TV series)
– Ascension: Part 2 (2003) … Nick Fury (voice)
– Ascension: Part 1 (2003) … Nick Fury (voice)
– Uprising (2003) … Col. Nick Fury (voice)
– Target X (2003) … Nick Fury (voice)
– X23 (2003) … Col. Nick Fury (voice)
(8 episodes total)

2003 Gadget and the Gadgetinis (TV series)
– The Patrix (2003) (voice)
– No Brainer (2003) (voice)
– No Such Things as Ghosts (2003) (voice)
– Wrestle in Peace (2003) (voice)
– One Too Many Gadgets (2003) (voice)
(11 episodes total)

2003 My Boss’s Daughter

2002 Stargate: Infinity (TV series)
– Reality (2002) (voice)
– Initiation (2002) (voice)
– Stones (2002) (voice)
– Greed (2002) (voice)
– Hot Water (2002) (voice)
(11 episodes total)

2002 Snow Queen (TV movie)
Voice of Polar Bear (voice)

2002 Taken (TV mini-series)
– Acid Tests (2002) … Busker

2002 Just Cause (TV series)
– Fading Star (2002)

2002 Madeline: My Fair Madeline (TV movie)
Mayor of Paris (voice)

2002 The Twilight Zone (TV series)
– Harsh Mistress (2002) … Dion

2002 Dennis the Menace in Cruise Control (TV movie)
Kraigor (voice)

2002 Inspector Gadget’s Last Case: Claw’s Revenge (TV movie)
Chief Quimby (voice)

1998-2002 The Outer Limits (TV series)
– The Tipping Point (2002) … Merlin
– The Joining (1998) … Gary Latimer

2002 The Dead Zone (TV series)
– Unreasonable Doubt (2002) … Vic Goodman

2002 Due East (TV movie)
Father Berkely

2001 Ultimate Book of Spells (TV series)

2001 Spider-Man Unlimited (TV series)
– Cry Vulture (2001) … Fire Drake (voice)

2000 Level 9 (TV series)
– Eat Flaming Death (2000) … General Theodore Nemec

2000 First Wave (TV series)
– Shadowland (2000) … Tyler Greer

2000 Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: The Movie – Endless Waltz (TV movie)
Dekim Barton (voice)

2000 Highlander: Endgame
Joe Dawson

2000 Becoming Dick (TV movie)

2000 Monster Mash (video)
The Prosecutor (voice)

2000 Mysterious Ways (TV series)
– Spirit Junction (2000) … Ramp

1999-2000 Beast Machines: Transformers (TV series)
– Endgame III: Seeds of the Future (2000) … Thrust (voice)
– Endgame Part 2: When Legends Fall (2000) … Thrust (voice)
– Endgame I: Downward Spiral (2000) … Thrust (voice)
– Spark of Darkness (2000) … Thrust (voice)
– Sparkwar War III: The Seige (2000) … Thrust (voice)
(20 episodes total)

2000 Higher Ground (TV series)
– Hope Falls (2000) … Frank Markasian
– What Remains (2000) … Frank Markasian
– Walking the Line (2000) … Frank Markasian
– Babe in Arms (2000) … Frank Markasian
– Scott Free (2000) … Frank Markasian

2000 Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (TV series)
Duke Dermail

1999 Cold Squad (TV series)
– Pretty Fly for a Dead Guy (1999) … Dick Hofstedder
– First Deadly Sin (1999) … Dick Hofstedder
– Deadly Games: Part 2 (1999) … Dick Hofstedder
– Deadly Games: Part 1 (1999) … Dick Hofstedder

1997-1999 Beasties (TV series)
– Nemesis: Part 2 (1999) … Inferno (voice)
– Nemesis: Part 1 (1999) … Inferno (voice)
– Other Victories (1999) … Inferno (voice)
– Master Blaster (1999) … Inferno (voice)
– Go with the Flow (1999) … Inferno (voice)
(27 episodes total)

1998-1999 ShadowRaiders (TV series)
– Girl’s Night Out (1999) … Grand Vizier (voice) (uncredited)
– Mind War (1998) … Grand Vizier (voice)
– Born in Fire … Grand Vizier (voice)
– On the Rocks … Grand Vizier (voice)

1998-1999 The Net (TV series)
Mr. Olivier
– Zero (1999) … Mr. Olivier
– Pay the Line (1999) … Mr. Olivier
– Sample (1998) … Mr. Olivier
– Pandora’s Box (1998) … Mr. Olivier
– Diamonds Aren’t Forever (1998) … Mr. Olivier
(9 episodes total)

1999 Highlander: The Raven (TV series)
– The French Connection (1999) … Joe Dawson
– A Matter of Time (1999) … Joe Dawson

1998-1999 RoboCop: Alpha Commando (TV series)
– Talk About the Weather (1999)
– Das Re-Boot (1999)
– Out of the Dark (1999)
– Father’s Day (1998)
– The Erg and I (1998)
(40 episodes total)

1998 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie
Elf Crowd Member #2 (voice) (as Jim Byrne)

1998 Murder Call (TV series)
– More Than Meets the Eye (1998) … Guy Hanson

1998 The Animated Adventures of Tom Sawyer (video)
Pop (voice)

1993-1998 Highlander (TV series)
– Not to Be (1998) … Joe Dawson
– To Be (1998) … Joe Dawson
– Indiscretions (1998) … Joe Dawson
– Unusual Suspects (1997) … Joe Dawson (credit only)
– Armageddon (1997) … Joe Dawson
(88 episodes total)

1998 Mummies Alive! The Legend Begins (video) (voice)

1998-1999 The Jim Byrnes Show (TV series)
Host / Owner of Blue Byrnes Bar … Jim Byrnes
(26 episodes total)

1997 Final Descent (TV movie)
Duke Houston

1997 Drive, She Said
Dr. Glen Green

1997 Masterminds
Larry Millard (uncredited)

1997 Street Fighter: The Animated Series (TV series)
– Final Fight (1997) … Guy/Sodom (voice) (uncredited)

1997 Lost Treasure of Dos Santos (TV movie)
Doc Humphries (as James Thomas Byrnes)

1997 Two (TV series)
Col. Maxwell Foley
– The Reckoning (1997) … Col. Maxwell Foley

1996 For Hope (TV movie)
Date #1 (uncredited)

1996 Bloodhounds II (TV movie)
Lt. Jim McMahon

1996 Wiseguy (TV movie)
Daniel Benjamin ‘Lifeguard’ Burroughs

1996 Stone Protectors (TV series)
Additional Voices (voice)

1996 Starlight
Rod MacArthur

1995-2000 The New Adventures of Madeline (TV series)
Additional Voices

1995 Suspicious Agenda
Lt. Rayburn

1995 Dream Man (video)
Jim ‘The Loot’ Garrity

1995 The Commish (TV series)
– The Kid (1995) … Brett Shrager

1995 Sliders (TV series)
– Pilot (1995) … TV Announcer (uncredited)

1995 Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story (TV movie)

1995 G.I. Joe Extreme (TV series)
Winner Take All … Nelson (voice)

1993-1994 Double Dragon (TV series)
– RPM (1994) … Shadow Master (voice)
– Daj of Undertown (1994) … Shadow Master (voice)
– The Return of the Shadowmonster (1994) … Shadow Master (voice)
– The Ancients Arise (1994) … Shadow Master (voice)
– The Sight of Freedom (1994) … Shadow Master (voice)
(26 episodes total)

1994 Mega Man (TV series)
– The Strange Island of Dr. Wily (1994) … Dr. Thomas Light
– Future Shock (1994) … Dr. Thomas Light
– Cold Steel (1994) … Dr. Thomas Light (voice)
– Ice Age (1994) … Dr. Thomas Light
– Bot Transfer (1994) … Dr. Thomas Light
(13 episodes total)

1994 Whale Music
Dewey Moore

1994 Conan and the Young Warriors (TV series)
Additional Voices

1991-1994 Neon Rider (TV series)
– Cowboys and Indians (1994) … Kevin
– Moving On…: Part 1 (1994) … Kevin
– Moving On…: Part 2 (1994) … Kevin
– The Best Man (1993) … Kevin
– Walking Tall (1993) … Kevin
(12 episodes total)

1993 Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series)
Additional Voices
– Hero of the Year (1993) (voice)
– The Robot’s Robot (1993) (voice)
– Tails’ Tale (1993) (voice)
– Fast and Easy (1993) (voice)
– Robo-Ninjas (1993) (voice)
(65 episodes total)

1993 Madeline (TV series)
Additional Voices / Buffalo Ben / Chef Flambé

1993 Hurricanes (TV series) (voice)

1993 Street Justice (TV series)
– The Wall (1993) … The Doctor

1993 The Hat Squad (TV series)
– Dead Man Walking (1993) … Carl Drake

1992 Harmony Cats
Frank Hay

1992 King Arthur and the Knights of Justice (TV series)
– Opening Kick-off (1992) … Merlin (voice)

1992 Conan: The Adventurer (TV series)
– The Night of the Fiery Tears (1992) … Epimetrius the Sage (voice)

1992 Dirty Work (TV movie)

1992 Invader
Engineer Powell (scenes deleted)

1991 Christmas on Division Street (TV movie)

1991 Omen IV: The Awakening (TV movie)

1990-1991 G.I. Joe (TV series)
– Stuck on You (1991) (voice)
– BIOK (1991) (voice)
– The Mind Mangler (1990) (voice)
– D-Day at Alcatraz: Part 2 (1990) (voice)
– D-Day at Alcatraz: Part 1 (1990) (voice)
(19 episodes total)

1990 A Klondike Christmas (TV movie)
Wolfie (voice)

1987-1990 Wiseguy (TV series)
Daniel Benjamin ‘Lifeguard’ Burroughs
– Witness Protection for the Archangel Lucifer (1990) … Daniel Benjamin ‘Lifeguard’ Burroughs
– La Mina (1990) … Daniel Benjamin ‘Lifeguard’ Burroughs
– The Gift (1990) … Daniel Benjamin ‘Lifeguard’ Burroughs
– Black Gold (1990) … Daniel Benjamin ‘Lifeguard’ Burroughs
– Fruit of the Poisonous Tree: Part 1 (1990) … Daniel Benjamin ‘Lifeguard’ Burroughs
(69 episodes total)

1989-1990 Camp Candy (TV series)
– Robin’s Ark (1990) (voice)
– Stand Up and Deliver/Ruthless Campers (1990) (voice)
– Dear Mom and Dad (1990) (voice)
– Candy Springs (1990) (voice)
– Camp Cuisine/Take the Compass and Run (1990) (voice)
(11 episodes total)

1990 In the Best Interest of the Child (TV movie)

1989 G.I. Joe: Operation Dragonfire (TV mini-series)
– Operation Dragonfire: Part 1 (1989) … Alley Viper (voice)
– Operation Dragonfire: Part 2 (1989) … Alley Viper (voice)
– Operation Dragonfire: Part 3 (1989) … Alley Viper (voice)
– Operation Dragonfire: Part 4 (1989) … Alley Viper (voice)
– Operation Dragonfire: Part 5 (1989) … Alley Viper (voice)

1989 Doragon Kuesuto (TV series) (voice: English version)

1988 Out of This World (TV series)
– Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot? (1988) … Jim

1988 The Red Spider (TV movie)
Jack Fine

1988 The First Season
Band Leader

1987 Danger Bay (TV series)
Tony Walter
– Deep Trouble (1987) … Tony Walter

1987 Hands of a Stranger (TV movie)
Band Leader (uncredited)

1980 No Looking Back
Party Singer (as Jim Byrne)